Our expertise and experience enable us to meet a wide variety of needs with customized solutions, ensuring quality and reliability. At CPM, we design and manufacture customized special bearings and precision rings for companies in a variety of industries.



Manufacturers of rapier or air looms and hosiery and knitting machines typically require angular contact ball bearings, precision class P5, and cylindrical roller bearings, either polyamide cage or full complement, depending on application requirements.

Another product category they use are needle roller cam followers, which are offered either in case-hardening material, when more impact resistance needs to be provided, or in 100Cr6.

In some cases, under suboptimal lubrication conditions, we propose surface treatments designed to reduce wear on the rolling surfaces so as to prolong the life of the bearing itself.

Precision rings complete the production range.

Robotics & automation

For the robotics and automation sector, we produce precise cross-roller bearings together with 4-point contact washers, with or without toothing, with high stiffness that find a place in the kinematics of different axes.

Our offering is rounded out with large angular contact bearings for planetary and harmonic drives for major robot manufacturers.

Precision rings complete the production range.



Our needle roller bearings, full-turn cylindrical or cage roller bearings, double-row angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, are used in a variety of industries: from planetary gearboxes for winches to those for wheeled or crawler excavators, from the wind power industry to axles for agricultural machinery.

We offer solutions involving specific surface treatments to ensure longer bearing life even in poor lubrication conditions.

A particularly interesting product is the kit bearing, consisting of a pair of inner rings with associated spacer cages and balls, which is integrated into the wheel hub.

Finally, also worth mentioning is the production of tapered roller bearings used as the sun bearing in planetary gears.

Gimbal joints

For companies that build extensions and crosses, we make cylindrical roller bearings, with or without zinc or manganese anti-corrosion surface treatment.

These bearings, capable of withstanding high radial loads, are made of case-hardening material and integrate a seal made of nitrile rubber or Viton, upon request.



For the electromedical industry, specifically that characterized by rotating anode X-ray tubes, we producespecial steel angular ball bearings , e.g., Rex20 or M62, that can withstand high rotational speeds and high temperatures.

This application involves the bearing working in a vacuum, so the balls must undergo treatment to ensure proper lubrication.

Another important aspect is the quietness determined by finely lapped tracks with very small geometric errors.

Hydraulic motors

For companies that build hydraulic pumps and motors, we design and manufacture roller bearings type NU, NUP and needle roller bearings type NA and RNA.

The need for special roller and needle roller bearings is to reduce friction and resist stress in order to extend the life and durability of the applications themselves.



Precision and reliability are at the heart of bearings intended for bicycle bottom bra ckets as well as high-end carbon fiber wheels.

Depending on the specific need, we can offer either the standard solution consisting of the use of 100Cr6 steel and nitrile rubber shields, or a top-of-the-line version characterized by rigid radial bearings or angular contact bearings made of stainless steel, silicon carbide balls and Viton shields. The cage is made of low-friction plastic.

The goal is to provide greater smoothness and resistance to corrosion due to any chemicals that come in contact during washes of the bicycle frame itself.

Food & Beverages

For the food, bottling, and general packaging industries, bearings must: be made of special steels (corrosion-resistant), have specific polyurethane coatings, and use food-grade greases.

We at CPM supply companies in this industry with radial ball bearings or angular contact ball bearings used in filling and packaging machines.

Upon request, we can integrate special toothing and shielding that can withstand frequent washing.



Our full-turn bearings are mainly used in wheel gears and axles because they offer high radial load capacities in small footprints.

They often have anti-wear coatings to solve problems due to low rotational speeds and poor lubrication.

They are normally supplied in the configuration without an outer ring, which is directly represented by the satellite gear.

Other products widely demanded by companies in the agricultural sector are: the tapered roller bearing, which is used as a sun bearing in planetary gears, andmanganese phosphate bushings , which are used in gearboxes.


Automotive is a niche sector for us, so the products we make find application in projects consisting of medium-low volume but high prestige. In this case, we supply very precise rings that are used in the transmissions of high-end sports cars.

Another application is bushings used on the axle shafts of road vehicles; these products have the characteristics of being partially chrome-plated on the outside diameter to ensure good corrosion resistance.

As proof of the absolute quality we guarantee, we are IATF (International Automotive Task Force) certified, an automotive industry standard that defines the requirements for quality management systems.