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Specialty bearings are mechanical components used in various industrial and technological applications that require special performance such as high rotational speeds, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high loads. These bearings are designed and manufactured with specific materials and geometries to meet the requirements of the system in which they are used. Special bearings can [...]

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CPM and MCBike

CPM is once again by the side of the cycling company MC Bike in Nova Milanese as a sponsor. One common thread binds CPM, cycling and MC Bike; Meanwhile, the company's deep connection with its territory that gives the opportunity to make our corporate commitment to Social Responsibility a reality. In addition, the [...]

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Process Automation

Competitiveness is a critical success factor for us at CPM. The automation process in our departments began in 2018 and has been implemented steadily over the years since then.This process allows us to optimize and increase productivity while further refining quality standards.

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